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Charleroi 13/10/2013
2 Excellent RCAC Champion class W. Vanden broeck ( B)  

Clubmatch Netherland 22/10/2013
3 Excellent Champion class M. Kerekes (H)  

Brussel  21/09/2013
2 Excellent RCAC Champion class Christensen ( DK)  

Belgium Clubmatch Deinze  07/09/2013
2 Excellent Breeders class B. Klein (B)  

Mons  25/08/2013
2 Excellent -RCAC Champion class G. Van den Bosch (B)  

Mechelen 17/08/2012
2 Excellent Champion Class t. Leenen (B)  

Luik  21/07/2013
1 Excellent CAC_CACIB
Champion class D. Spruyt (B)  

Leuven  03/08/2013
2 Excellent Champion class L.Zizevske (LT)  

Lokeren  14/07/2013
1 Excellent -CAC
Champion class Deschyumere (B)  

Mouscron  26/01/2013
2 Excellent -RCAC-RCACIB Champion class J. Van Hummelen (B)  

Birmingham LKA show 15/12/2012
2 place
Open class Richard Kindsey ( UK)  

Kortrijk  17/11/2012
1 Excellent Champion class G. Perosino (IT)  

Leonberg  08/09/2012
1 Excellent Breeders class Hellener  (D)  

Krefeld  09/09/2012
2 Excellent- RCAC Champion class Eberhardt (D)  

Deinze  08/09/2012
1 Excellent Breeders class Cassaghi  (F)  
Ice-T is now German Champion
Ice-T is now German Club Champion

Giessen 02/09/2012
1 Excellent-CAC-CACIB
BEST Of Breed
Chamipon class R.Pleibel (D)  

Lokeren  16/07/2012
2 Excellent Open class P.Vanmontfoort (NL)  

Genk 1/07/2012
Excellent Open class E.Kuleshova (RU)  

Ice-T is now Belgium Champion

Lommel  10/06/2012
1Excellent -RCAC
Belguim Champion
Open class I.Hectors (B)  

Dutch Clubmatch  3/06/2012
1 Excellent breeder class Alferinck-Lerche (NL)  

Saarbrucken  27/05/2012
1excellent  CAC Champ. class Hellener (D)  

Saarbrucken  26/05/2012
1Excellent CAC-CACIB
Champ. class .  

Leonberg  1/05/2012
1 Excellent breeders Class W.Pepper (D)

Gent  11/02/2012 (B) 
3 Excellent Champ. class p. D'Hooghe (B)  

Genk  11/02/2012 (B) 
2 Excellent Open class G. Vandenbosch (B)  

Mouscron  28/01/2012 (B) 
1 Excellent Open class J.J. Dupas  (F)  

Hoogstraten  08/01/2012 (B) 
1 Excellent
Open class V. Vanraamsdonck  (B)  

Brussel  17/12/2011
1 very Good
Open class  P. Andersen (NL)  

Leuven (B) 30/10/2011 
1 Excellent Open class Van Deyl W. (NL)

Charleroi (B) 09/10/2011 
1 Excellent Open class Voilet (F)


Ice-T is now International Champion
Ice-T is now Dutch Champion

Maastricht (NL) 24/09/2011 
1 Excellent
Best of Breed
Champ. class Williams W (NL)  

Deinze (B) 10/09/2011 
1 Excellent breeders class P. Hanssen (DK)

Mons (B) 28/08/2011 
1 Excellent
Open class J. Vanhummelen (B)

Rotterdam (NL) 27/08/2011 
1 Excellent
Champ. class J. Opara (PL)

Mechelen (B) 20/08/2011 
1 Excellent
Open class P. Jengten (LU)

Echt (NL) 2/07/2011 
2 Excellent Champ. class  Dhr. E. Deutscher

Genk (B) 26/06/2011 
4 Excellent Open class M. Lapanja (SI)

Clubmatch Arnhem (NL) 13/06/2011 
1 Excellent
Best Male
Champion class M. Kuster (NL)

Clubmatch Hünxe (D) 12/06/2011 
2 Excellent Champion class G. Zerle (D)

Doui 11/06/2011
2 very Good Champ Class
R. Doedijns (NL)

Clubmatch Uster (CH) 05/06/2011 
 Excellent Chmpion class J. Hiddes (NL)

Oss 29/05/2011
1 Excellent Champ Class
Mevr. H.M.M. Klok-t Hart

Wieze 22/05/2011
2 Excellent Open class Van den Bosch G. (B)

Goes 15/05/2011
1 Excellent Champ Class J Ramsing. (DK)

Antwerpen 16/04/2011
3 Excellent Open class Vermeir M. (B)
Ice-T is now Luxemburg Champion
Luxemburg 27/3/2011 (B)       
1 Excellent
Best Male
Crufts Qualification 2012
Luxemburg Champion
Open class K. Butrimova (LT)
Leiden 20/3/2011 (NL)       
very Good Open class K. Butenhoff (D)
Hoogstraten 27/2/2011 (B)       
3 Excellent Interm. class I. Huber (D)
Rheinberg 13/2/2011 (D)       
2 excellent RCAC Interm. class W.Peper (D)-W. Gullix (D)
Eindhoven 06/2/2011 (NL)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class P. Jentgen (L)
Mouscron 29/1/2011 (B)    
1 Very Good
Interm. Class De Ridder Lilliane (B)  
Prince Of the Ring  2010
Leoladder Junior Winner
Brussel 19/12/2010 (B)    
1 Excellent
RCAC-RCACIB(receive the CAC -CACIB from the champion dog)
Interm. Class V. Van Raamsdonk (NL)
Amsterdam 27/11/2010 (NL)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class W.Van Deyl (NL)
Kortrijk 20/11/2010 (B)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class Dhr. Van Montfoort (NL)
Beiswijk 07/11/2010 (NL)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class F.Kane (UK)
Leuven 31/10/2010 (B)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class A.Leblond (Fr)
Utrecht 24/10/2010 (Nl)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class M.G.E Kuster (Nl)
Lausanne 17/10/2010 (CH)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class B.Metraux (CH)
Lausanne  16/10/2010 (CH)    
1 Excellent
Interm. Class R.Kadike-Skadina (LV)
Dortmund 15/10/2010 (D)      
1 Excellent
Intermediate Class R. Pleibel (D)
Germane Clubmatch -Leonberg  26/09/2010 (B)    
2 Excellent Interm. Class W. Mayer (D)
BelgiumClubmatch  11/09/2010 (B)    
1 Excellent Breeders Class W. Mayer (D)
Luxembourg 05/08/2010 (B)      
1 Excellent
Intermediate Class Jentgen P (B)
St. Ghislain 29/08/2010 (B)      
2 Very good Intermediate Class A.Degroote (B)
Rotterdam 28/07/2010 (B)      
1 Excellent
Best Male
Intermediate Class G. Jensen (NO)
Mechelen 22/08/2010 (B)      
2 Excellent Intermediate Class B. Nodalli (I)
Lokeren 18/07/2010 (B)      
1 Excellent Intermediate Class P. Roosenboom (B)
Genk 04/07/2010 (B)      
1 Very Good Intermediate Class P.D'Hooghe (B)


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